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Warsaw, 5.9.1995
Director General
Lasów Panstwowych (State Forests)
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In connection with letter ZZ-11-7171/10/95 of 29 August of this year Forestry Research Institute in Poland (IBL) hereby sends an assessment of the usefulness of the SILVAMIX® MG fertilizer, made in the Czech Republic (ECOLAB ZNOJMO, Ltd.,), for the needs of nurseries, as drawn up by the IBL - Department of Soil Science and Fertilisation in connection with the project BLP 548.

The fertilizer in question was developed principally with the soil conditions in the Sudeten in mind, which are characterised by a deficiency of magnesium and phosphorus and a slight deficiency of nitrogen and potassium in acidic soils. These deficiencies are confirmed by the studies of IBL (ZGN) conducted since 1987 in Szklarska Poręba.

The composition of the SILVAMIX® MG fertilizer given is 8% N, 12% P2O5, 5% K2O and 15% MgO. The chemical composition of the fertilizer thus produced improves the growth conditions of seedlings on cultivation in places where in conditions of markedly low pH (most frequently 3.0 pH in KCl or somewhat higher at the level of accumulation humus soil) the supply of phosphorus is restricted in the extreme.

The fertilizer also enriches the soil with magnesium, nitrogen and potassium. The role played by magnesium is a double one; providing a supply in the soil and also lowering the acidity of the soil (washing H+ ions from the soil?s sorptive complex with Mg2+ ions). Therefore the relatively large amount of MgO in the fertilizer.

The fertilizer is recommended for application in forest cultivation work in the form of 4 or 5 tablets pressed into the root system around the seedling (up to 10 cm beneath the crown of the seedling, at least 15 cm from the root neck). The release of the nutrients from the tablet fertilizer lasts (according to the authors) 2-3 years.

IBL research conducted in Szklarska Poręba showed that, following the application of SILVAMIX® of a composition of 10% N, 16% P2O5, 6% K2O and 5% MgO, at the amount of 4 tablets per 3-year spruce seedling, the seedlings showed a growth in height on average 30% greater than the control in the two years following application.

SILVAMIX® MG containing a considerably greater amount of magnesium may prove even more effective.

As has already been stated the fertilizer should be applied to acidic soils (the role of Mg in reducing acidity), with the stated deficiencies of P and Mg, and also of K and N.

The use of the fertilizer in nurseries where, as a rule, the pH should be (is) greater (4.0 - 4.5 pH in KCl), with less contrasting deficiencies of P, Mg, K and N, may be less effective than in forest cultivation. In this case it would be desirable to conduct trials of granulated SILVAMIX? MG following prior inspection of the soil conditions in the nursery (a chemical analysis of the soil - cultivation layer).

It is initially possible to recommend (on small deficiencies of P and Mg, and also of K and N) a dose of granulated SILVAMIX® MG not exceeding 300 kg/ha.

After contact with SILVAMIX® it is essential to wash your hands and apply cream to them before eating, drinking or smoking. If your throat becomes irritated drink 2 glasses of warm water to rinse away the fertilizer coating.

The fertilizer must be stored in a dry place in its original packaging. It must also be kept out of the reach of children.

Institute Director

Prof. Dr. Andrej Klocek